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SCR / DPF Emulator For Volvo Euro 6 Step D Trucks.
Engines D13K, D16K with ON / OFF Functionality.

The device is made of high quality components and it is produced in EUROPE.
Each device is tested and subjected to quality control before being dispatched to client.

Most important features:

  • Emulation of whole AdBlue system (ACM including DPF)
  • Unique on-off function from Driver Menu (without making additional wiring)
  • Fully water resistant (need to be mounted outside the cabin – no CAN in cabin)
  • Very small device (can fit in wire harness)
  • Produced from industrial components

Emulated Components of AdBlue system:

  • Pump including pressure sensor
  • NOx Sensor Downstream
  • NOx Sensor Upstream
  • Combined temperature sensor
  • DPF differential pressure sensor
  • AdBlue level and temperature sensor

Models compatible:

  • FH(4) Euro 6  Step D
  • FM(4) Euro 6 Step D
  • FH16(4) Euro 6 Step D
  • FMX(4) Euro 6 Step D

Engines compatible: 

  • D11K
  • D13K
  • D16K

This Emulator support easy ON / OFF Function from Driver Menu using buttons on steering wheel.
This mean you can always disable emualtor and switch to orginal system in few seconds.
This Emulator is intended to use as rescue device to prevent unexpected downtimes. 

This Emulator is not compatible with trucks Equipped with Retarder System!

The set includes:

  • SCR / DPF Emulator For Volvo Euro 6 Step D
  • Installation Manual

If you are looking for model not listed here and on other list on this shop, please contact us directly on info@diagtruck.pl  with your model number. We will check for compability.


Price does not include EU VAT TAX 23%
1. If the shipment is outside the EU – TAX is 0%
2. If the shipment is within the EU and you have an international TAX number – TAX is 0%
After checking your UE TAX number – the TAX will be refunded


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